Moon Split – Visible Today

A rocky streak [gap] is clearly shown across the moon surface

Dr. Zaghloul El-Naggar, professor of earth science and geology, recalls, ‘[firstly] the Indian and Chinese calendars have recorded the incident of the splitting of the moon…. While I was giving a lecture at the Faculty of Medicine at Cardiff University, in Wales, a Muslim asked me a question about the verses….about the splitting of the moon, and whether it is considered as one of the scientific signs which are mentioned in the Qur’an and whether there is any scientific evidence discovered to explain this incident. My answer was that this incident is considered one of the most tangible miracles, which took place to support the Prophet when he was challenged by the polytheists and disbelievers of Quraish, showing them this miracle to prove that he is a Messenger of God. Anyway, miracles take place as unusual incidents that break all regular laws of nature. Therefore, conventional science is unable to explain how miracles take place, and if they were not mentioned in the Qur’an and in the Sunnah of the Prophet we would not have been obliged to believe in them…When I finished my speech, a British man from the audience named Dawud Musa Pidcock…asked to add something to my answer.

He said: “It is these verses, at the beginning of Surah al-Qamar that made me embrace Islam in the late seventies.” This occurred while he was doing extensive research in comparative religion, and one of the Muslims gave him a copy of translation of the meanings of the Qur’an.

When he opened this copy for the first time, he came across Surat al-Qamar, and he read the verses at the beginning of the surah, and could not believe that the moon had split into two distinct parts and they were rejoined, so he closed the copy of the translation and kept it aside.’

In 1978 Mr. Pidcock was destined by God’s Will to watch a program on BBC, where the host was talking with three American space scientists and accusing the USA of over spending and wasting millions of dollars on space projects while millions of people were in a state of poverty here on Earth. The scientist responded, “We were studying the moon surface to examine the extent of similarities with the Earth’s surface…we were astonished to find a belt of melted rocks that cuts across the surface and deep into the core of the moon. This information was promptly given to our geologists, where they were shocked by their findings and stated that this phenomenon could never happen unless the moon at one time was split and brought back together and the surface rocky belt is the resulting collision at the moment of this occurrence.”
Mr. Pidcock went on to say, “When I heard this, I jumped off my chair , and said this is a miracle which took place fourteen hundred years ago to support Muhammad and the Qur’an narrates it in such a detailed way. After this long period and during the age of science and technology, God employs people (non-Muslims) who spent all this money for nothing but to prove
that this miracle had actually happened. Then, I said to myself, this must be the true religion, and I went back to the translation of the meanings of the Qur’an, reading it eagerly. It was these verses at the opening of Surah al-Qamar that lie behind my…[conversion] to Islam.”

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