In past 20 years, the websites, books, articles, graphics and different kinds of materials are written (and still writing) against Islam is countless. In response to that Say One Group takes first initiative to honour and encourage those Muslims who are fighting for this very cause by designing Websites (Blogs, Pages, Channels, Libraries, Documentations). The primary purpose of Islamic Website of the Year by Say One Group is to make one place destination for Muslims and Non Muslims to browse Best of Best, Most Popular, Most Visited, Most Updated and Most Authentic Websites, through People’s voting and right selection procedures

The winners of the 2013 edition of the Islamic Website of the Year Award – World’s most important people’s choice award for websites – InShaaAllah, will be revealed in International Care Conference 2014 “The One Message of All The Great Men” in Bahrain.

The websites will be selected based on content, navigation, design and authenticity.

In each category there will be subcategories and there are two Awards to win: The title ‘Best Website of the Year’ is provided to the website with the highest average score on authenticity, content, navigation, design and recommendation likelihood. The title ‘Most Popular Website’ is provided to the website with the highest number of votes.


How to Vote    Selection Procedures    Winner Logos   Privacy    Regulations    Testemonies    Contact

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