How to vote

Sorry, Voting will start from April 1st, 2013. We appreciate your interest in supporting your favourite websites.

Voting is easy and only takes a few steps:

First, choose a category. Now you will find all the nominees in this category. Choose your favourite website in the category and click ‘Vote’, or in case you would like to see the website click ‘View’ which will open the website in a new window.

After having chosen your favourite website, you will be asked to award stars to the following aspects of the website: design,navigation and content. Awarding more stars will mean that you appreciate these aspects more. Next you will be asked to rate how likely it is that you would recommend this website to your friends, family or colleagues. After that, you can submit your vote and continue voting afterwards.

To validate your vote, you will need to fill in your name and email address, after which you will receive an activation-email. As soon as you have activated your vote by clicking the link in the email, you will participate to win one of the great prizes! Unconfirmed votes do not participate in the prize draw. It is only necessary to confirm your vote(s) once.


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