Selection Procedures

For this election it has been decided to place the nominated websites in categories in order to cover a broad range of sites. The Website of the Year election has 2o+ main categories and with subcategories. Given below are the definitions of each of the categories defined by the organisers. The organisation can modify the definitions at all times.

Dawah: Websites Inviting, Training Muslims and Non Muslims, Promoting growth of Islam.

Matrimonial: Websites helping Muslims to search best practising Muslim profiles for marriage.

Forum: Websites Providing opportunity to learn, discuss and clear misconceptions.

Blog: Websites/Blogs of Individual defending Islam through Articles, Videos, Audios and Bulletins.

Banking: Websites offering Islamic financial services or products, or focusing on financial news and information.

Fitness & Health: Websites with information, encouraging Islamic medicine and sports.

Kids: Platforms that provides kids Training, education, entertainment, and links to games.

Education: Websites of Islamic institutes or information about education and educational possibilities. Also websites with Islamic educational content (online courses) could be nominated in this category.

Charities: Websites of NGOs/nonprofit organizations to help communities internationally.

Government: Websites of governmental organizations/departments or governmental websites with information about a certain topic or program.

TV & Radio: TV and radio that is being broadcasted, for example websites of a broadcasting network or broadcasting association.

Library (Book/Audio/video): Websites with collection of  Graphical Materials, Books, Audio & Video Materials.

Shopping: Websites offering products or services online, either of their own, or advertised by users of the website.

Social Center: Websites offering information on events, activities, halaqas, training and seminars to meet up.

Mobile View: Websites designed for the smaller screens of smart phones. The mobile website is generally an adapted version of the normal website and is intended to enhance the user experience.

Chat Room: Websites Providing opportunity to learn, discuss and clear misconceptions live.

Social Network: Platforms for discussion or for mapping or extending ones social network.

Social Awareness: Websites with people’s involvement in Social and Environmental Development.

Health Development: Information about health (care) or general well-being, or websites with information about health or well-being products.

Career: Websites that can be helpful for one’s personal career, by providing either information about work related topics, job offers or network possibilities.

Q & A: Websites for searching in general or searching something specific question and answers in Islam.

Video Channel: Official Video Channels which educates, live streaming, documenting, propagating, preaching.

Audio Channel: Official Audio Channels which educates, live streaming, documenting, propagating, preaching.

News Site: Websites that focus on news of Muslim World, or news and information about a certain topic.

Graphics: Websites which promotes, educates, informs through posters, pamphlets,  billboards, tents, tables or any imagery methods.

Others: Websites with unique, creative designs to benefit Islam, Muslims, and Humanity and which are not defined above.

Selection of the nominated websites

Selection of the nominated websites: A maximum of 15 nominations are made for each category. Websites are nominated via the selection procedure set out below.

  • A maximum of 5 websites per category from the List of Most Authentic Websites Surveyed and judged by SayOne. The organizers place the websites in the 20+ categories. Websites that do not fit within one of the categories are not nominated.
  • The 5 most frequently named websites are nominated.
  • The 5 most liked Websites by people in Social Networks.
  • The Above Procedures might change to improve the quality selection with best jury judgements.


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