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Want to share the reward with us?

We at the Say One Project invite and encourage you to accept our invitation to learn and share the true message of Islam: Knowledge and Obedience to the Almighty Allah. As Muslims, we are commanded by Almighty Allah to learn, teach and share the message of the “Purpose of Life” with all of our fellow mankind. This is not an option but rather an obligation which all true Believers in Islam take very seriously.

Our objectives at the Say One Project include:
Sharing the Message of ISLAM

  • Sharing the true meanings and teachings of Islam
    • Participating with Other Da’wah Centres World Wide

  • Provide Qurans, materials and support
    • Distribution to:
      • Muslims
      • Non Muslims

    • Halakahs in:
      • Masjids
      • Muslim Schools
      • Homes

  • Presentations Explaining the Purpose of Life:
    • Lectures
    • Speeches
    • Dialogs in multiple languages

  • Helping people come to the correct faith of Islam
    • Explaining the Truth of Islam
    • Exposing the falsehoods

Share Great Rewards – Join Us in Dawah -NOW! Donate for DAWAH and become a team member now. Choose from the following options and start taking rewards with Allah immediately.  

1. Donate Online

2. Send email and tell us what you would like to do:

And of course, you should make dua’ that Allah will accept from all of us. Your sincere and accepted prayers will suffice if you are not able to do more than that. But at least do pray and ask Allah to Help us all, ameen.

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